Become a Member

How to Join

To join the credit union, simply open a dividend share account (a regular savings account) with a minimum deposit of at least $26.00. This establishes your share of ownership and entitles you to begin using all of our services.

Membership is yours as long as you maintain this minimum amount in your share account. Once a member, always a member, if you change jobs or move away, you retain your membership and all of its benefits.

Who is Eligible to Join the Credit Union?

 Must be employed by Port Terminal Railroad. All immediate family of current members are also eligible to join the credit union. 

May I Have a Joint Owner on the Account?

Yes. An account may be opened in more than one name. Only the primary owner, however, is able to borrow on the account. Joint ownership eliminates the complications that sometimes develop when a member dies. Should death occur, the surviving joint owner(s) would then own the account.



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**Potential members must come into the credit union with two forms of ID, one with a picture, and a Social Security card in order to become a member.  There is also a form to fill out at the credit union.